option for TEXT to receive Circle of Friends link

COF is a great resource, but to reach more people, it would be nice for people to choose how they receive it:  via email or text. 

It seems in 2017, we want info and want it now.  I think by adding that option, it will reach more people.  It could have the funeral home name as "from" and something like, "Circle of Friends, issue 4, "enter title of it here" followed by the link to open it.  I think this will also increase 'forwards.' 

I get texts from Redbox with deals because I signed up for it.  At the bottom, it always says:  "press STOP to unsubscribe."

Several months ago, the Nomis paper had a preneed article (by Christopher Kuhnen) about changing times and text is the preferred method to communicate, outside of using work emails, and that personal email use is about extinct.  I, personally, don't use email outside of work anymore.

  • Paul Sherer
  • Mar 20 2017
  • Not Planned
I need it... Not Sure -- just thought it was cool
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